Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 10, 2008

IWantGreatCare – an urgent warning to patients

I thought I was dreaming!

I really did!

The inevitable has happened quicker than I ever imagined.

Beware. This is a lengthy post. Please read it and you will see why.

The Oldest Sage Witch is very concerned that many UK patients, particularly those of a certain age, are not very Web 2 wise. Indeed many of these patients, although they are computer literate, may not even have heard of Web 2. All of us who use Web 2 technology need to be extremely careful because legal aspects of this international platform are just beginning to evolve.

If you are a patient, client or customer of any UK doctor then please read this very carefully. I will try to explain what I think it means.

The Oldest Sage Witch has just opened her e-mails a few moments ago and found something that had to happen – eventually.

One of these e-mails contained a copy of a posting from


It should, at this stage for safety, be assumed it was removed because it may have broken the laws of defamation.

It was posted by a patient who was strongly critical of a general practitioner.

For reasons of confidentiality and legal reasons also I will not link ANYONE to this “copied” post, although I could. I will not name the name of the surgery, although I could. I will not name the name of the doctor, although I could. I will not say what the patient said about the doctor, although I could. I will not gave the percentage score that the patient gave to the doctor, although I could.

I could, because I have been sent all of this information.

By e-mail.

What I will say, is that the post has an annotation. This annotation will have been placed on the copy by an interested party. It will not have been placed on the IWantGreatCare entry itself.

The annotation indicates that an interested party is angry about what was said regarding this doctor.

The interested party therefore is unlikely to be the patient who posted the original post. It is more likely to be the doctor involved, a relative, friend or colleague.

I do not know what form this anger will take. Sooner or later such anger will result in a legal case.

A word about copying web-pages:

Without going into detail, there are ways that a single page on the internet can be stored for ever. I can do this very easily in a matter of seconds. I can then print it off as hard copy or keep it stored in a local file on my computer. It is easy to do. Having made the copy I can then do what I like with it depending on my inclination or my state of mind. The Oldest Sage Witch is not a whizz kid. All it needs is some good software. “Furling” is one of the ways others can do it without the appropriate software. There are other methods. Once a page is copied, it can be placed back on the internet in a different location from the original host. It can be sent to millions of the international community by e-mail. ie there is therefore nothing, absolutely nothing, that is confidential about the posting. Furthermore, anyone can do what they like with the copied content. It could be brought out and used for example in a legal case of libel or slander. Perhaps it could be sold for a considerable profit.

I think you will be beginning to see where I am coming from.

This e-mail was not sent to me by a friend (or even a fellow witch). It was sent via a feed. This means that millions could have received this e-mail.

Just think about it.

Think about where this leaves any patient who posts anything negative anywhere on the internet about their doctor.

Think about what it means if you decide in a hasty moment to tell the world that you do not TRUST your doctor.

What EXACTLY do you mean if you tell hundreds, thousands, millions, of people that you do not TRUST your doctor.

And not only that – you also give your doctor’s name, address and specialty.

What if you give your doctor 0% for TRUST


What exactly do you mean?

Do you mean, for example, that your doctor is another Harold Shipman?


Then what do you mean?

Yes. I think you see where I’m coming from. I”m not going to spoon feed you any more than this at the moment.

Maybe later.





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