Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 10, 2008


If you’ve been visiting here over the past couple of weeks, you’ll know that The Oldest Sage Witch discovered a website called “HEALTH MAP”

The Oldest Sage Witch looks at it every day because for some reason it tickles her fancy.

If you click on this page on the site, and then zoom to UK by clicking on menu on left called “Alerts by country” and then hover over each of the hotspots in the UK starting with Ireland, then Scotland, then Wales, then the north of England.

Leave London to the very end.

Yes, you must leave London to the end, or it won’t make you chuckle.

And HOVER. Don’t click.

You’ll find when you HOVER all the UK sites have a series of infections beside them.

When you hover over London there is only one word – PESTS.

It seems The Pests have taken over London to the extent no other self-respecting microorganism can get a foot in the door!

Where are The Pests coming from?

Ecological elbowing is at work!

Why does this tickle The Oldest Sage Witch’s fancy so much?

Who knows!

It just does!

(This ecological phenomenon will shortly disappear as the site gets updated)


  1. I did as you suggested and gave it a try. It made me chuckle too. It has certainly brightened my day, but as I live in London I am now wondering what pests and how much trouble are they? Does this mean that I have yet another thing to worry about with regard to my health? What are the symptoms of this new threat to our health? Is there a vaccination programme for it, and what will be the results of failure to immunise children? Lack of herd immunity?

  2. Thanks for visiting madsadgirl,

    Maybe Guy Fawkes had the answer to the pests rather than Edward Jenner!

    I’m still wondering why there is not much newsworthy infection in the south of England apart from The Pests. Maybe the media have become numb and bacterial infections are not newsworthy any more.

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