Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 11, 2008

The Humankind who can’t say no

The Oldest Sage Witch is aware that many women can multi-task and that many a man is filled with fear, envy and awe when they observe this ability in full flight.

Professor Dame Carol Black DBE MD FRCP MACP FMedSci goes further.

Much further.

She multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-

Health Honours Committee Chair 2005-

General Medical Council 2006-

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Non-Executive Director, 2006-

JCC (Joint Consultants Committee) Vice Chairman, 2006-

NHS National Stakeholder Forum 2006-

General Council of the King’s Fund Member, 2004-

UK Systemic Sclerosis Study Group President, 1980-

The Scleroderma Society President, 2006-

Pulmonary Hypertension Clinicians Group Member, 2002-

Medical Advisory Board, United Scleroderma Foundation, USA Member 1995-

Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association Trust President, 2006-

Scleroderma Federation Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Member, 1995-

Scientific Advisory Group, German Network for Systemic Scleroderma Member, 2004-

BackCare Vice Patron, 2006-

BAMM Medical Leaders Professional Council Member, 2006-

Scientific Leadership Advisory Board, Merck & Co Member, 2006-

International Scientific Advisory Board, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Consultant, 2005-

The Association of Physicians Member

British Society of Rheumatology Member

Association of Clinical Professors of Medicine Member

Royal Society of Medicine Member

British Medical Association Member

British Society for Immunology Member

British Connective Tissue Society Member

American College of Rheumatology Member

European Society for Microcirculation Member

United Kingdom Systemic Sclerosis Study Group Founder member

Italian Society of Rheumatology Honorary member

Turkish Society of Rheumatology Honorary member

British Health Professionals in Rheumatology Member

Royal College of Physicians College Club Member

Forty Two Club Member

Medical Pilgrims Member

Department of Work and Pensions

National Director for Health and Work, 2006-

Nuffield Trust Chair, 2006-

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Chair, 2006-

Chief Medical Officer’s Advisory Council of GSK Member, 2006-

Foulkes Foundation Advisory Group Member, 2006-

ABPI Advisory Council Member, 2007-

National Stakeholder Forum Member, 2007-

National Patient Safety Forum Member, 2007-

Health England a National Reference Group for Health and Well-being Member, 2007-

Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust External Scientific Advisory Board Member, 2007-

Chief Medical Officer’s Medical Revalidation and Education Working Group Member, 2007-

NHS London Provider Agency Adviser, 2007-

University of Bristol Convocation Representative to Court, 2007-

This is awesome.

We witches would see this as a form of torture.

We only would permit ourselves SEVEN..

Seven is The Witching Number.

So, seven is the most it could ever be.

After all, we have work to do too.


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  3. […] Oldest Sage Witch cannot get her head round why ANYONE would ever want or need to be involved in so many activities as The […]

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