Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 12, 2008

IWantGreatCare – by George, they’ve got it!

By George, they’ve really got it!

Read what NorthernMedic says:

“Pre Alpha ( concept )
Alpha ( Implementation with active debugging )
Beta ( Users permitted to test in “real life” instead of internal testing )
Release Candidate ( Final site )

So, is at the beta testing stage.

Now, even The Jobbing Doctor did not notice the “Beta” sign, and when he did, had no idea what it meant. And if you read his blog daily, you will have worked out that The Jobbing Doctor has a brain that is as sharp as a tack in spite of losing 100,000 neurones daily!

How many of the punters commenting on were aware they were using a site that is still being tested?

This is a site that has glitches!

Furthermore it TELLS you this is a beta site.

Therefore, it WARNS you on the home page it still has glitches.

Only most of you didn’t pick that up.

Did you?

What are the implications of this?

The Oldest Sage Witch does not know, nevertheless she has thought about it carefully and would not be surprised if the “beta” sign offers some protection to the owners of the site.

Legally, does this mean “if you contribute to this site, you do so at your own risk because we have warned you the site is not completely safe, secure, accurate or whatever?”

Where does that place Joe Public who is angry with his doctor and is letting off steam?

I don’t know the answer to this, because I am only an ancient witch – not a lawyer.

But I have my suspicions.

The NorthernMedic has been thinking about this too.

“Seems like a way of avoiding any legal battles as they will just say that the site is currently being tested and that the software that removes bad comments is not quite there but will get better.”

A doctor and a witch thinking the same thing.

Perhaps before patients put any negative comments on this site they should consult a lawyer with experience in both INTERNATIONAL defamation and internet law (which is still in its infancy).

However, don’t trust the opinion of a doctor or a witch.

A lawyer is the person!

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