Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 12, 2008

Yesterday, today, tomorrow….. Forever

So, now we know.

“Pulse” seems to have been in touch with Professor Elisabeth Paice regarding the suspension of a trainee surgeon because of something he wrote about Dame Carol Black.

Professor Paice confirms that she reported him to the Highland Deanery because she did not like the words used in the post. Nor did she like the reference to her friend Dame Carol Black.

She found it offensive.

Maybe it was offensive.

Maybe it was defamatory.

Or maybe it was a figure of speech signifying anger.

Since the post has long since been removed by the moderators of DNUK, only a few know what was actually said, and at the moment they are keeping quiet about it.

Professor Paice, uses words which some of the population might not understand.



Posh words.

Medical words.

Scientific words.

Apparently the junior doctor at the centre of this incident used synonyms that would have been more meaningful to the general population who do not have a background in medical terminology.

It must be good to have friends like Professor Elisabeth Paice, who have a good understanding of the leverage effect of chat rooms, blogs and the internet in general.

Professor Paice will be aware that a little stirring will create a cloud of internet dust that will easily become a thick cyber-fog.

Every action, every remark is subject to leverage nowadays.

And thanks to Tim Berners-Lee it will always be so.

The norms of yesterday have gone for ever.

Or, is it possible that Professor Paice is of a certain age and needs to don her specs when she enters the World Wide Web?

And is oblivious of its power?


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