Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 16, 2008

A return from The Wilderness.

Dr Rita Pal has returned to the blogosphere after a short absence.

We witches thought she would.

We witches too, with great frequency, need to get away from the inane chatter of The Humankind.

Indeed, The Witch Doctor is seeking respite in The Wilderness of the Parallel Universe at the moment and will not be back till the start of The Great Witching Halloween Festival.

So, we have a lot of empathy with Dr Pal when she seeks the calm of Her Wilderness from time to time.

She is more resilient than the witches though, she recharges her batteries after a very short time.

We witches need much longer.

The Oldest Sage Witch, being the oldest and wisest witch around, thinks the medical community should read what Dr Pal says very carefully. They should read it, remembering that when The Butterfly fluttered past her, she was a very, very junior doctor at the start of her career. They should read it and ask themselves whether, as a newly qualified doctor, they would have turned a blind eye and, if so, whether they would have been right to do so. They should read it and ask themselves how often they have turned a blind eye throughout their careers.

The butterfly that landed on Dr Pal all these years ago has long since fluttered on and will soon cause quite a stir within the grass roots of UK medicine. The time is not quite here yet.

But soon.

The Oldest Sage Witch wakened early this morning and read this:


And read wisdom as well as frustration.

The Witch Doctor, away from the madding crowd of The Humankind is reading these downloads:


The language is Legal Humankind and is difficult for a witch brought up in WitchSpeak to understand.

No doubt The Witch Doctor will have something to say about this when she returns on the last night of the last day of October.

So, The Oldest Sage Witch will remain quiet on these matters and leave it to The Witch Doctor when she returns.

Sooner or later she will have something to say.

In her own good time.

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