Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 16, 2008

You have no right to have a fat child

It’s so very, very logical – overfeeding a child is equivalent to starving a child.

Isn’t it?

So now, in this green and pleasant land of ours, they want to put fat children into care………


There seems to be some concern too, over the cost of school desks for the fat child.

They even say there are some really nice touchy-feely doctors with excellent bedside manner who will helpfully tell a very fat fifteen year old child that she could drop dead at any moment.

Patient education is a wonderful thing!

You know, The Oldest Sage Witch can identify every native tree in the UK in winter by the bark and buds, and in summer by the leaves.

Without looking up a book.

The Oldest Sage Witch has been able to do this since she was 10 years years old.

And the knowledge has stayed with her for life.



Because an enthusiastic biology teacher would often take the whole class out to the local park and every child would run about eager to be the first to find an unusual tree.

Then there would be another trip to identify wild flowers…

And then birds….

And then the moon, the stars and the planets…..

This kind of knowledge sticks for life.

There was not a single child in the class that was even slightly overweight.

Not one.

But then, there were only 14 children in the class.

And they didn’t bother much about tests and assessments.

Nobody ever really knew that all fourteen children had learned these things about nature.

Nowadays, though, there would be so many signatures of consent required for such an outing that the whole idea would fizzle out.

Fat children are complicated.

They indicate many things.

And society has to look inwards.

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