Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 18, 2008

Fumbling with little hats………

Glory be, they are all rising like phoenixes!

(Except Dr Crippen. What’s happened to Crippen anyway? He vanished last year and caused quite a stir! A break he calls it. A break! Only MP’s have a break like this! Is he locked up in The Tower? )

Anyway, the rest are all back blogging!

Some have never left, of course, except to put up the “GONE FISHING” notice when they need a holiday.

Nothing sinister about that!

Dr Rita Pal and Dr Grumble however, for more complex reasons, have been juddering along in STOP – START MODE.

The Oldest Sage Witch has welcomed Dr Pal’s return to cyberspace but has been waiting expectantly for Dr Grumble’s next move.

She thought he was preoccupied waving the Flag of China in his sitting room/living room/ family room/ study/ bedroom/ office/garage/pantry/potting shed or wherever his TV is situated, while watching The Olympics.

But no, it seems he has unwittingly got caught up in The Black Cat’s Advent Spell!

I don’t suppose he’s aware of this yet.

You see, last night during The Witching Hour, the Boy on the Red Bike arrived with a telegram from The Parallel Universe.

Not from The Witch Doctor this time. No. It was from her Black Cat. Apparently Dr Grumble is the one she has chosen to play an important role in her Advent Spell. The Black Cat always had a soft spot for Dr Grumble. The Advent Spell is the one that she cast at Christmas time on our PM, Mr Brown. She wouldn’t tell anyone exactly what she had done. We witches were very disconcerted because Black Cats are like loose cannons when it comes to using The Book of Spells.

It was a very worrying time for all of us in The Witching Community.

Anyway, apparently, the Advent Spell appears to be working. Probably The Witch Doctor has been keeping an eye on things.

Mr Brown has, in desperation looked out The Green box tied with the Red Ribbon.

The Black Cat knew that sooner or later the time for this would come during 2008.

For some time, Mr Brown has been fumbling with the Little Santa Hats that he found in his pockets over Christmas and then carefully placed in The Green Box.

He fumbled when The Bears seemed poised to invade the economy.

He fumbled when he lost the Glasgow East by-election (an understatement).

He’s fumbling again because he’s worried The Great NHS Super Plan might cost him votes. After all, he didn’t manage to get the GP’s to rise to the occasion over evening and weekend opening as he planned, and so the main polyclinic argument fell flat on it’s face with the voters. They don’t buy into The Polyclinic Dream. To confuse, he even had to get his “Lackies” to change the name to Health Centres.

The next ploy is to try to bait GPs into being seen to be difficult by by getting them to refuse to open on public holidays. You know – Christmas Day, New Years day etc.

You don’t really think that’ll work, do you?

The argument they will use is that this is not the best use of public money.

Double time and for receptionists, triple time for nurses, quadruple time for greedy, greedy doctors….

Hmm… Or are NHS Direct and NHS 24 running into real trouble?

Is that the reason?

Who knows!

What a mess for Mr Brown!

Anyway, he eventually got round to participating in The Spell.


A last resort.

He put his fist into the green box and pulled out a Very Special Santa Hat. The only one of the 24 with magical properties.

What luck!!

Enter, Dr Grumble.

He had to be dragged away from The Olympics still clutching The Flag of China.

For, unwittingly, Dr Grumble has an important role to play in the future of our nation!!!

Yes, Dr Grumble has been caught up in a spell!

You don’t have a clue what The Oldest Sage Witch is rambling on about?

Do you?

At my great age, I can ramble whenever I want to!!!!

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