Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 18, 2008

NHS patients records would have been transferred to USA without the bat of an eyelid

Below is what the Oldest Sage Witch posted about three weeks ago.

She was gob-smacked by the fact that most of the GP practices in the area had signed up for this.

Who exactly signed up?

Was it the practice managers?

Was it the GP’s?

It certainly wasn’t the patients. Their role was to SIGN OUT OF IT rather than sign up for it.

Whoever signed up for it, should have read the small print. The medical history of the UK population, should not be allowed to pop up somewhere in the computers or filing cabinets of some USA private company without making it blatantly clear to patients what they are consenting not consenting to.

Simple, clear, straightforward.

So why did it happen in the first place?

That is the most important question that needs to be answered.

Apparently now there has been a delay.

“A PCT spokesman said the system’s introduction would be delayed for a ‘few months’ while the PCT addressed issues around consent and data security.

He said all personal data would be secure.

Fifty three of the PCT’’s 61 GP practices had signed up for the Wirral Keep Well Service. Four have dropped out following the negative publicity, however.”

That may be so, but 49 GP ostriches with their heads in the sand remain signed up.

And the BMA ostriches think it’s a good idea too!


Posted on The Witch Doctor on 26 July 2008

Check out this USA Website:


And maybe surf around till you find this quotation:

“I believe we need to listen to patients’ experience and expectations to forge a new partnership with doctors, nurses and other practitioners and together produce a way forward that will lead to an NHS that is changing to be truly patient-led and ever more responsive to their needs.”

-Gordon Brown,
Prime Minister, July 2007″

Then read this:

” EVERY adult in Wirral is to be unwittingly signed up to a privately-run telephone health advice line by the local Primary Care Trust.

Anyone who received a blue and white postcard through their letter boxes last week mentioning the proposed Wirral Keep Well scheme will now have their private health information stored “in a safe, secure environment” by an American-owned private call centre firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

To ensure your information is not shared you must write to your GP practice manager telling them you want to opt out within two weeks of receiving the card, it says……..”


You’ll need to scroll down a bit till you find the post that says “WIRRAL KEEP WELL.” Then you’ll need to click on a link on that post.

All a bit of a pest…….

And then, if you can be bothered, read this:


More UK taxpayers money drifting across the Atlantic.


“virtualy all the GP’s on Wirral have signed up to this scheme and this has followed careful debate.”


“The ‘opt out’ approach follows Queen’s Counsel advice”

“The ‘opt out’ approach has also been agreed by the BMA.”


The folks in Norfolk and Surrey like it.

That’s all right then…….

(Wonder how many folks in Norfolk and Surrey really know what it’s about)

(In fact, come to think of it, wonder how many agreeable Wirral GPs really know what it’s about!!)

(Hmm… wonder if the BMA know what it’s about)

This will CREEP!

This is what The Witch Doctor posted in January.

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