Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 21, 2008

IwantGreatCare – Now we are five!

The Oldest Sage witch is very grateful to Dr Pal and The Jobbing Doctor for reminding her who Professor Bulstrode is. The name was familiar, but the connection with and The General Medical Council had just slipped out of her mind for a senior moment.

Forgetfulness aside, The Oldest Sage Witch did retain some awareness that Professor Chris Bulstrode was a very important person. Indeed, even since writing yesterday’s post he has accumulated another positive feedback.

The fifth!

The Oldest Sage Witch challenges anyone to find another doctor on this “Lets Help With Revalidation Website” who has any more feedback than this.

Professor Chris Bulstrode even made it on to the front page of Not many others will have noticed this, but there was a little transient window of time during The Witching Hour last night that we witches observed that Professor Bulstroud featured not once, but TWICE on the front page of

Most people will have been tucked up in bed and missed that!

Doubtless some Young Geek of a Witch somewhere will have furled the page just to catch the moment for eternity.


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