Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 22, 2008

Doctors are too damned powerful!

There is still some debate over The Junior Doctor at the focus of the Paice, Black, Needham gossip case.

Is he still suspended or is he not?

Here is The Oldest Sage Witch’s opinion, for what it is worth:

The problem is that regardless of the rights or wrongs of what this doctor may have said (few know), he has been caught up in a mammoth complex culture change relating to the interface between Her Majesty’s Government and The Profession of Medicine. This culture change goes back for several years.

It seems reasonable therefore, for the sake of this young doctor, to keep him well hidden in the wings until his own problems are resolved as best as possible, but to confront the culture change in no uncertain terms.

The young doctor concerned will, in the long term, benefit – and so will thousands of others.

Patients will too.

The only people who will do this are grass roots doctors. Not the great and the good of the medical profession, because in the nature of things, many (but not all) in this group have risen to the top simply because the system has been carefully set up so that people with the capacity to be helpful to the government will rise like the fat in the cauldron.

And in the end the fat will be skimmed off and rewarded.

A good doctor should, on an individual basis, be immune to carrots and sticks.

There have been three problems facing the government for some considerable time. MMC/MTAS, Dumbing Down, the Skills Escalator, Agenda for Change, Polyclinics, Privatisation, The Darzi Report, Revalidation and much more, are all intertwined with these problems.

So too are the activities leading up to the suspension of The Junior Doctor.

Indeed, it appears to The Oldest Sage Witch that the floating of the new website is also intertwined.

Here are the government’s perceived problems:



Government after government have held this view. Because of the nature of the medical profession it has had the power to hold successive governments to ransom if it so desired. Governments do not like a strong medical profession because they perceive it will resist change.

Aim: Try to weaken the power of the profession.

Question: How?



Aim: Identify new UK markets that can be developed for the benefit of a weakening economy.

Question: How?



This will be particularly so in health care. ie there will be insufficient numbers of trained individuals capable of diagnosing, treating and caring for a sick, aging population.

Aim: Boost and support the existing workforce and the workforce of tomorrow.

Question: How?

The Oldest Sage Witch fully recognises problems 2 and 3 but believes the government are on the wrong track with Problem 1.

The Oldest Sage Witch believes Gordon Brown who now has major political problems, is now on the verge of secretly listening to the grass roots of the medical profession.

She may be wrong about this.

But Dr Grumble is talking to him.

He is a sound grass roots doctor who says many sensible things.

Dr Grumble is not witless. He would not talk to thin air.

The Prime Minister is reading Dr Grumble’s blog.

We badly need more medical-political bloggers.

Blogging will become much more powerful than any committee as a means of reaching and influencing a government.

Much more powerful.

But blogging takes a time, and since there is not much of this commodity around for practicing doctors, bloggers generally have to ration their sleep.

But the cauldron, once the fat is removed, has to be kept on the boil.


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