Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 22, 2008

IWantGreatCare – Something funny happened

If you read The Jobbing Doctor this morning you may wonder if he has gone barking mad!

This is what he reports when he last looked at

” He (Prof Chris Bulstrode) has sunk back to a pitiful 0%. Oh, Dear! Norvege, nul points. Back to being a non-doctor.

How will I be able to post about his wonderful relationship with the founder of iwantgreatcare, ‘Dr’ Neil Bacon or how his role on the GMC ties in with this site?

Maybe, just maybe, he has had the insight to realise the mess he has got himself into.”

No, Jobbing Doctor. Not so. The Great Surgeon is back up there again among the best as anyone looking now will see.

However, although The Human Kind are now confused, we witches know that you did indeed see:

“Prof Chris Bulstrode = 0%”

Your eyes were not deceiving you.

The Oldest Sage Witch saw it too.

The Younger Agile Geek Witches saw it, and, of course, they tried to furl the 0% score. And then a strange thing happened. IT WOULD NOT FURL! The furled copy showed 100%

The Wiser More Experienced Witches smiled….

For they knew it was A Magic Spell.

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