Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 27, 2008

Will medical bloggers be silenced?

The wizard and webmaster of NHS exposed, James Landon, presents a thought provoking, detailed and chilling account of possible ways that the GMC may try to clip the wings of medical bloggers.


“Nevertheless, the spectre of strict regulation for medical bloggers has been raised in the States, and what the Americans do today, we do tomorrow. British medical bloggers are, as of right now, an endangered species. Unless they stand firm, act together and start working up plans to thwart the imposition of such guidance as a matter of urgency, they will quickly become extinct.”

The Oldest Sage Witch recommends that all medical bloggers and their readers have a look at this thoughtful article.

Many thanks to The Wizard for this timely warning.

We in The Witching Community have grasped this nettle, and plans are firmly in place to thwart any kind of imposition if it becomes necessary.

We hope The Humankind Bloggers will do the same.


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