Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 5, 2008

Inverness Courier – Good on you! The Scots see sense!


The plight of Dr Scot Junior and the over-reaction of the “Great and The Good” has made it into the leader of The Inverness Courier.


“But unfortunately for him someone was looking over his shoulder. Professor Elisabeth Paice, another senior figure in the medical establishment, spotted the posting, reported it, and NHS Highland was prevailed upon to suspend the doctor.

As a result, the career of a talented individual who has spent years in training looks to be in tatters because of one silly, indiscreet and immature episode. NHS Highland stresses it has no concerns about his work and Professor Black, who is based in London, has no reason ever to have any personal contact with him. Raigmore Hospital and its patients have lost the services of a skilled doctor who may have decided to stay in Inverness after his training and build his future here. So locally no-one wins.”

“Even looking at the national picture, it is difficult to see who gains from the decision to halt this man’s career in its tracks. The case has become a cause celebre amongst junior doctors nationwide, with far worse descriptions of Professor Black now appearing on message boards which she has no hope of controlling. As a result the Academy is being made to look over sensitive and foolish for thinking it can possibly stifle web debate.

Of course it should never have got to this point. The doctor ought simply to have been taken to one side, told to apologise and advised that publicly criticising such an influential figure is not the way to a dazzling career in medicine. That may be more difficult now that both sides are so entrenched, but it remains the only way that the Academy can extricate itself from this mess of its own making.”



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