Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 5, 2008

Inverness Courier – suspended doctor

Some breaking news from The Oldest Sage Witch’s Ancient Scottish Granny

My Ancient Scottish Granny is thinking about setting up a little stall to sell the red ribbons outside Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

Silly old bat.

She’ll get arrested and thrown into jail.

But look out for her anyway, before she does.

You’ll recognise her, she looks a bit like me only much older.

And she wears The Tartan.


“The incident has already created a minor celebrity status for the Inverness trainee, who is known only as Dr Scot Junior on web-blogs and other internet forums.

The comments, which included offensive language, have since been removed from the website.

They were a reaction to the re-election of Professor Black as the chairwoman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which promotes and supports the work of colleges and their faculties. Professor Black, who is also chairwoman of the Nuffield Trust and the UK Government’s national director for health and work, has been a controversial figure since overseeing changes to the training regime for junior doctors.

The forum entry was seen by Professor Elisabeth Paice, dean director of postgraduate medical and dental education at the London Deanery.

She alerted Aberdeen-based Professor Gillian Needham, postgraduate dean at the North of Scotland Deanery, who brought it to the attention of NHS Highland, which in turn, as the junior doctor’s employers, issued the indefinite suspension.

Yesterday, Professor Paice defended the move. “Many of the things doctors say on internet forums express their disagreement with or anger about issues,” she said. “It is right that they are able to do so.

“However, there is a point at which the personal abuse of individuals reaches such viciousness that it is unprofessional.”

“It is understood the case was assessed by a local disciplinary committee, which advised the junior doctor should be reinstated. However, his return was apparently blocked by Professor Needham, who refused to comment yesterday.

NHS Highland chairman Garry Coutts confirmed the doctor remained under suspension but declined to comment on the case.”



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