Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 5, 2008

IWantGreatCare – feeling neglected?

With all this crap that’s going on just now about suspending Dr Scot Junior, another junior doctor ex-junior doctor is feeling neglected.

Don’t worry Dr Bacon, once Dr Scot Junior has been reinstated, we’ll be back on the job building up your Brand Awareness for you so you can save money on your marketing budget.

The Oldest Sage Witch has just switched on the little TV in The Spell Pantry. No sooner had she settled down in the nice comfy armchair there with a cup of hot cocoa, than who should appear as large as life as Dr Neil Bacon telling us he did not, absolutely not, create in order to fill his piggy-bank.

Absoutely not.

What are the empty advertising spaces for then, I wonder?

Dr Neil Bacon is clearly a very altruistic member of The Humankind trying to find the very best doctor for each and every patient in the land.

And of course Revalidation was mentioned.

Revalidation is always mentioned.

I could swear (careful!) Revalidation is something to do with the GMC.

Not Neil Bacon.

Funny that.


  1. WD

    Can’t believe you are sporting a large picture of Elizabeth Paice on your header. Is that not defamtory to cows in general?

    Secondly, you are doing a grand job. Plugged your URL into the Remedy UK newsletter. Aren’t I good.

    You never respond to your mails. Black cat has deserted me for good 🙂 In fact this week, everyone has deserted me – all the 7 Scots! Boo hoo!

    Did you like the Inverness papers? 🙂 I created the havoc! That is what happens when I am down with the flu with no surgeon to tend my weary head.


  2. Rita,

    You have been a real star this week! I have absolutely no idea where you find the energy or tenacity. I think it has made a real difference and everything will turn out OK in the end.


    It is a strange story that is unraveling.

    The Highland Coo is The Leader in Waiting, who will make the right decision while the sheep are dithering.

    The Black Cat is in another planet and has not looked at her e-mails for months. Perhaps I will try to get her password from her over the weekend to find out what you have been saying.

    I know she was talking to you before she left.

    Take care.


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