Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 5, 2008

The evil of “creep”

Regarding The Humankind we witches do not see degrees of goodness or badness or even intelligence or dullness. Rather we measure an individual’s worth based on their ability to identify the early stages of “creep” and to stop it if it has the potential for evil.

“Creep” of the masses can be the precursor of atrocities.

A dictator cannot rise to power in the modern civilised world without “creep” being endemic within a population.

The Humankind are very poor at dealing with “creep”

When “creep” advances within The Humankind “crawlers” emerge.

Intelligence and education offer little protection against creep. Indeed often the most able brains in the land become paralysed when confronted with creep.

And Creepy-Crawlers emerge.

The term “Creepy-Crawler” in Witch Speak refers to the weakest of The HumanKind rather than our multi-legged friends.

Bottled water is a rather benign way of illustrating the power of creep.

Here is something The Witch Doctor said earlier this year when having a conversation with Dr Grumble over The Power behind bottled water.

“Dr Grumble’s reference to bottled water is very symbolic. The power of marketing. The Witch Doctor uses the word “creep” a lot to describe the phenomenon where sensible people can be made to do crazy things. “Creep” has enormous capabilities for good, bad and downright evil. The darker side of “Creep” terrifies The Witch Doctor, because every one of The Humankind is capable of creeping in the wrong direction. Indeed this could be considered the reason for this blog. It is not an intellectual blog. It is a “drip, drip, drip” kind of blog to try to make individuals recognize for themselves the creep going on round about them and hopefully even address their own creep.”

And why do The Humankind creep?

We witches think the trait is carried within the human genome.

No doubt it offers some evolutionary advantage since not all creep is evil.

We witches do not carry the trait.

Bottled water would not have been a means of bolstering the economy if only witches populated the world.

Probably that’s why there are not many of us around.

In evolutionary terms the witching community is less stable than those who creep.

But nevertheless creep can lead The Creepy-Crawlers into A Black Hole where there are no witches.


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