Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 6, 2008

Dr Scot Junior – Aberdeen press reports

Today the Aberdeen Press and Journal carries the story of the suspension of Dr Scot Junior and enters the arena regarding freedom of speech.


“The case has prompted furious and vitriolic debate by bloggers who fear that doctors’ freedom of speech may be threatened.

Many have voiced their support for the doctor and his opinions on Prof Black, who was re-elected as the chairwoman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

It is understood that the comments were seen by Professor Elisabeth Paice, dean director at the London Deanery, and it was eventually reported to NHS Highland, leading to the doctor’s suspension. It was also reported that a local disciplinary committee advised that the doctor should be reinstated but this was blocked.”

“Chairman of Remedy UK, Matt Jameson-Evans, said there had been a change in the atmosphere of online forums since the doctor’s suspension emerged and that doctors felt “threatened”.

He said the suspended doctor had apologised through the forum where he made his original comments and added that Remedy UK had offered him their full support. Mr Jameson-Evans said: “It is important that their voices should be heard. To stifle debate is dangerous.”

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