Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 7, 2008

A moment of truth

Yesterday, I experienced A Moment of Truth.

A strong emotion hit me, like a bolt from the blue.

I wish I could put into words what I want to say, but I don’t believe I can.

Several times a day I think very deeply about the terrible worries that life has dealt to people very close to me – some of them my own flesh and blood – all of whom are just about the same age as many junior doctors. Worries that are not of their own making. Just chance.

Worries that are much, much greater that being suspended from a job.

Worries that cannot be fought.

Worries that I wish I could take away.

But can’t.

Dr Scot Junior is lucky. He can fight his worries and overcome them.

I’m sure, given time, he will.

But he must fight.

He will win.

However, my thoughts were not so much with Dr Scot Junior, but with Professors Paice and Needham. Dame Carol Black too, because she could have put an end to this by now. Clearly she has chosen not to. Instead she has gone on holiday!

What kind of women are these?

Has the pack of cards of life never dealt them the kind of worries of the dimension that I am referring to? Likely not, because if it had, words would not have the power to upset them. Even scatological words. Words that were used as a figure of speech to express frustration and anger at a profession which a young doctor may believe has lost its way.

And, as a profession, medicine has lost its way.

Long before many of his peers or seniors, Dr Scot Junior grasped exactly how the profession of medicine was being compromised.

Then, without using any colourful language at all, he was critical.

And he was spot on.

I know this. Never mind how I know.

So could it be that the action by Professor Paice is more to do with criticism of the system rather than colourful language?

The system that she was a key figure in creating?

Is that why she moved in quickly to silence this doctor when her name was not even involved?

How dare these three women in a caring profession try to spoil a young man’s future hopes because of their own petty self indulgences.

How dare they!

Yesterday, my feelings changed.

I am now, not only disgusted but furious.

Now that it is there, this fury will remain.

It is time the petty Professors Paice, Needham and Black removed themselves.

They are not fit to support the younger generation of doctors who will change medicine for the better by speaking their minds when it is necessary to do so.

Junior doctors who hopefully will re-invent The Profession of Medicine.


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  2. Of course, it is to do with criticism of the great Carol Black. Information from the dark towers say that since the MMC, the higher powers have wanted to make a scape goat so that no doctor would speak out or criticise. Apparently, there are too many doctors now who have the termerity to challenge. In deed, according to the sources at the GMC, this is what they feared.

    Dr Scot is target to teach the MMC doctors who challenge, a lesson. As you know, it was easy to sideline and discredit me – I was just one person. It is not so easy to silence the new breed of doctors.

    This is why the battle against them has to be fought. The media are unlikely to sustain the story long term.


  3. The new breed of doctors have the advantage of Web2 which was not really functional at the time of your problems. If it had been, things may have been very different for you.

    But then the resulting Butterfly Effect would have been quite different for the world 🙂

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