Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 7, 2008

From across the Irish Sea….

If The Oldest Sage Witch couldn’t find the right words to express the feelings associated with “The Moment of Truth,” that hit her yesterday, then we can depend on The Irish.

Note, this doctor is neither from, nor does she work in the UK. Nevertheless, has very strong feelings on the matter of Dr Scot Junior’s suspension.

“I would get suspended every day if that was the case. So would most people. Bitching about politicians and public figures in positions of authority is one of life’s little pleasures. They make TV shows out of this for heaven’s sake. And public figures in positions of power who do controversial things should surely expect to be criticised or called a nasty name or two every now and then.

But in the UK now apparently the Thought police will come and put a black bag over your head and drag you off if you say something, anything they don’t like. Especially if you’re a doctor.

I’m no lawyer, but I suspect this suspension is illegal. It surely would be in any other country, that’s for sure. Ok, it’s not really perfect manners to call a senior person a shit, now is it? But it’s harmless moaning in a discussion forum with your colleagues. Big, fat, hairy deal. Some people are saying, well it was just handled badly, he should just have been taken aside and told to apologise and advised not to publicly criticise senior figures in future if he wants a glittering medical career and left it at that.

I say bollocks to that as well. Free speech means you can bloody well say what you want as long as it isn’t infringing on anyone else’s freedom-i.e nothing threatening, or libellous-ie. a damaging lie. Otherwise if anyone-doctor or not-wants to bitch and moan about someone they are bloody well entitled. Feck it, in Ireland taking the piss out of our woeful politicians and public figures is a national sport! Best performed with pints or perhaps a whishkey or two!

“A new consultant contract was being negotiated in Ireland last year and they tried to throw in what was being called “a gagging clause”. The consultants objected strenuously and I applaud them.”

And quoting from a comment in response from Deb Acle.

“The formerly proposed gagging clause was an evil attempt to completely silence the medical profession once and for all. And this ludicrous business of ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’ – the egomaniacs in this piece have done that all on their own!”

I knew The Irish would come up trumps.

You see, The Oldest Sage Witch’s other Ancient Granny is from The Emerald Isle!


  1. How many grannies do you have 🙂

    A entire Emerald Isle full of supergrans on Zimmerbroomsticks 🙂



    ” A SURGEON who nearly died after eating hemlock was on a walking trip with a medical professor who also ate the plant, it emerged last night.

    David Currie, 51, was taken to intensive care after he accidentally consumed a highly poisonous form of the plant, known as water dropwort.

    Colleague and close friend Professor Gillian Needham, a lecturer in post graduate medicine, also ate some, but was less seriously affected”


    🙂 Perhaps you may wish to have some fun with this :). Perhaps we should find the definition of ” close friend”. Moreover, there are newspapers fishing on this story as we speak!


  3. As the whole story unfolds, Hollywood might be interested! 🙂

  4. We witches all live so long that we have many Ancient Witch Grannies. Some of them, of course are really Great Grannies many times over but we call them all Grannies.

    Very confusing for The Humankind, I know! 🙂

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