Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 8, 2008

The trouble with Inverness…..

The problem with the Highands of Scotland and Inverness and Raigmore Hospital in particular is that they are not very sure how to access the World Wide Web. It is even possible that no-one up there knows the World Wide Web exists.

I can prove it to you.

If you scroll down the side of this Blog you will see a widget known as Clustrmap showing visitor locations.

Now, this is no ordinary Clustrmap.

Oh no.

The Witch Doctor was never one to do without. You could depend on her turning up her nose at a free Clustrmap which gives minimal information. You could depend on her using some of her handsome witchly income to subscribe to the very best Clustrmap available. Indeed you might call her a Clustrmap snob!

Now if you click on the Clustrmap, as if by magic everything will get bigger, then you can click on Europe, then the UK.

If you’ve managed all of this, you can then click on the bit at the very top that says map with smaller clusters.

And there it is. That’s where all the people are that are clicking on this blog to get the daily bulletin on The Highland Storm.

Look closely. No-one in The Highlands is clicking except for two clicks in Aberdeen (the big one will be the Deanery), and another single click in Royal Deeside (that will be the Queen in Balmoral).

And there is one, just one measly little click in Inverness, and that’s probably someone passing through with an iPhone!

So what do you make of that?

No-one in Inverness is remotely interested in liberty and freedom of speech!

They are watching the Highland Storm in Iceland, Russia, The Arctic Circle and everywhere else in the world, but not anywhere north of Dundee.

Have all the local heros in kilts been silenced?

Or do highlanders turn up their noses at The Blogosphere?



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