Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 9, 2008

Enter “The Register” and “Quangonista”


A spokeswoman for the London Deanery said today: “From our point of view it was a very minor incident. [Professor Paice] acted in accordance with the General Medical Council’s good practice guidance.”

The spokeswoman said Paice made no recommendation as to how the Highland Deanery should react to Dr Scot Jr’s posting, and speculated that there may be more to the suspension than publicly known.

Dr Scot Jr’s supporters say there isn’t. They are worried that the suspension will appear on his permanent record and damage his future employment or promotion prospects. Under the Department of Health’s guidelines on suspension, brought in in 2003, doctors should only be barred from work in order:

“to protect the interests of patients or other staff; and/or to assist the investigative process when there is a clear risk that the practitioner’s presence would impede the gathering of evidence.”

The guidlines also state that no doctor should be suspended for more than four weeks. The status of Dr Scot Jr’s suspension was clouded when people close to him said he had been reinstated by this NHS Trust, but then resuspended by the Highland Deanery in late August.”

Minor incident. Eh?

So, A Cloaked Statement is now appearing is it?

“There may be more to the suspension than publicly known”

The trawlers are trawling.

As expected.

What they trawl better be something very important, because if it’s not, The Blogosphere will fry them!



  2. Absolutely typical. You can bet that the Cauldron Club are now spending £thousands of public money snooping on the poor guy. Did he drop a sweetie paper by accident in the corridor? Did he forget to pay his phone bill in Jan 1998…?

    It’ll all be there. Not for nothing are management called Stasi.

  3. Flooding of the net hopefully happen courtesy of El Reg. They wrote it up well.

    Good job I have been ill in the last 2 weeks. Makes more time to create havoc around the net as opposed to “in person”.

    When you have a min, can you run down this witch family. My brain his tweeting on the witchy hierarchy.

    Can you believe, no one from Remedy UK has sent me kilt men pics, no one from the Highland has sent me any either. What do they expect me to live on – AIR? I think the Remedy UK men are rather lovely :). Shame they have a one track mind on campaigning 🙂

    How about we get your black cat wearing a kilt. He could look like that doc on ER.


  4. This is you when you are ILL!!???

    Holy Moly.

    They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    Take care.

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