Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 9, 2008

IWantGreatCare – Appraisal company not keen

Bowland Solutions appear to be a company specialising in 360 DEGREE FEEDBACK.

They were sent a link to

It left them wondering.

“Sometimes when working with a client on 360 degree feedback or even on an annual performance review, we have to caution that there are times that you just can’t get the information you are looking for from a subjective rating. I wish I liked this website, I really do. And I really wish it would be useful information. But somehow, I doubt the data it collects or the information it provides will really add to how we select a doctor.”


  1. Why am I smirking away here?

    Does the Bacon actually have any idea of academic and/or market research methodologies?

    great-care is just a rant vehicle. Great if that’s all you’re interested in collecting with no control or parameter information. But not much use unless you want to use the rants to beat doctors up with…hmmm.

  2. I suppose we witches would be happy to ignore this crazy site if we knew the GMC were not involved in it behind the scenes. They referred to it in their newsletter, so they seem to be at least complicit.

  3. Welldone Witchy for keeping up the story going. Dr Bacon Boobs is so boring these days. Just wait for one year to pass then we shall download the company accounts and laugh right at him.


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