Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 10, 2008


When it comes to swearing, we witches can take The Moral High Ground.

Truly we can.

We are proud to stand tall alongside Professors Paice, Needham and Black.

You see, like them, we witches don’t swear at all.


Maybe that’s not strictly true all of the time.

We sometimes say: “Dash it.”

Or “Damn!”

Or “Bloody Hell!”

But that’s not swearing, is it.

Then, I suppose we sometimes say “Shut Up”

Everyone does. Don’t they?

Come to think of it, we sometimes say:

“Bugger off!”

Or sometimes even F… off!

“Oh my Gawd!” Are we witches swearing after all?

So, we use the “F” word and the “B” word.

But we don’t don’t it very often.

So that’s not really swearing…….

So we witches can still stand tall beside The Great and The Good of the medical profession.

We don’t really swear.

And we never use the “C” word.

Never ever.

You are asking “Why not?’

Well, the older witches at least, don’t know what it means.

And we witches never use meaningless vocabulary.

Oh Shit! We witches do swear!

But not as competently as Dr Rant.

He is “The Gold Standard.”

He should be sacrificed!

As a warning to us all!


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  2. WD

    There is something attractive about a male who swears as much as Dr Rant does. I wonder if women find Dr Scot Jnr as attractive. Possibly so given the emails we have had. Men swear, that is what they do. Women aren’t supposed to – but that is because we are supposed to be ladylike.

    Still no supplies of kilt pictures.


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