Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 11, 2008

Still wondering……..

How long was Dr Scot Junior’s post displayed on DNUK before it was taken down by the moderators?

Was it removed before or after they knew of his suspension?

Was it removed as a result of a complaint to DNUK?

Or was simply flagged up to the moderators, and would have been removed anyway due to the “colourful language?” irrespective of any complaint.

Was the posting picked up as a result of an e-mail alert?

Had Professor Paice set up an e-mail alert?

What degree of colourful language is allowed on DNUK?

How can you distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable colourful language?

How do you assess colourful language if it is NOT defamatory?

Do those running DNUK know some of the answers to these questions?

Not opinions but factual answers……….

Is The Highland Storm really to do with colourful, insulting language?

Is The Highland Storm really to do with a demonstration of lack of professionalism towards one’s “colleagues”?

Or is it an attack on dissent?

In a democracy, is insulting scatological language easier to attack and make an example of, than dissent?

i.e. is colourful language a very useful phenomenon for prowlers and trawlers?

Just some random questions flitting in and out of The Oldest Sage Witch’s deteriorating brain.


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  2. WD

    Telegraph – my summary


    2. Latest from us Carol Black’s Baggage

    DNUK Terms and Conditions should tell you some answers. It is a long document that no one reads. I read it ages ago.

    Essentially WD – GMC screeners prowl there on a daily basis. They have lifted many doctors and reported them. This isn’t the first one. By the way, just for the record the initial investigation in 2000-2001 related to me commenced following the language I used on DNUK. Brian Keighley is the snitchy little toad who everyone thinks was responsible. His links with Neil Bacon are clear.
    Someone should inform Dr Scot Jnr to ask for all his posts to be deleted immediately. He should also ask for DNUK to observe the Data Protection Act and not leak information anywhere [ as they have no right to have it]. I don’t know what role Dr Scot Jnr had in the MMC or what critical comments he made but he seems to be a target of some high powers. This can only mean one thing – to silence him. They have of course achieved that as he remains silent – when the way to fight this is to continue defiantly. Silence is the wrong message to send out. This issue isn’t about a swear word – it is about long term observation of Dr Scot Jnr waiting for him to put a foot wrong. It happens to everyone who is a little outspoken.


  3. WD

    When you check this, could you send me an email address that you check daily. Blogging needs to accelerate this weekend due to various media flurries. I need to be able to send you material that you check :). Set up a gmail account.


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