Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 15, 2008


“Rant” and “The Devil” must be shaking in their shoes!


“The new measures are part of the Prime Minister’s “Respect” agenda.

The Government is expected to propose compulsory “swear boxes” in town centres. The police will be given new powers to require offenders to make on the spot payments at the new payment kiosks.

Home Office minister Deirdre Hatchett defended the proposals on BBC’s Today programme. “We believe in freedom of speech”, she said. “But rights come with responsibilities. You cannot shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre. Freedom to speak must be exercised with restraint. ”

“Leader of the Opposition David Cameron said that the Conservatives would look carefully at the Government’s proposals. “We stand for basic moral values. We will be happy to back the Prime Minister if he is prepared to stand up to his own party. But we want to see detailed estimates of the costs of the swear-boxes before we decide our position.”

“The Conservatives and Lib Dems are proposing an amendment designed to ensure that somebody would commit an offence only if they acted recklessly or with intent to offend by swearing. The Liberal Democrats say that the ban should be limited to swearing in public places.

Peers claimed government plans could leave members of the armed services, poets and rock stars open to prosecution.”


  1. It’s staggering how far down the rabbithole this gvt has gone. They have SO lost their way.

    Surely it’s axiomatic that if you treat people with respect then they are most likely to be respectful in return?

    This gvt has treated the public like [human solid waste product] for years. No wonder people use foul language in return.

    Dear god. Can’t you just imagine the interminable legal argumentation about the respectable provenance of words describing human anatomy and bodily activities?

    What next? Prosecution for looking at folks in ‘a funny way’…?

    ‘Respect’ was a gvt initiative to help stop neighbourhood crime (foul neighbours are an epidemic now – look at ‘Neighbours from Hell in Britain’ website for example). A total flop, because various statutory agencies couldn’t afford to carry out the prescribed prevention, investigation and restraint activities thus didn’t take it seriously, the gvt has moved on to a lesser way of insisting on ‘respect’. Something that seems easy and with a potentially high tick-box rate which would look good in tabloid headlines.

    Nice find but.

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