Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 15, 2008

Suspension lifted!!!

Dr Scot Junior goes back to work tomorrow!!!

Common sense prevails!


  1. Are you sure the ribbon couldn’t have been that bit larger 🙂

    Well done WD – credit to you for the ultimate database in Scot Jnr. He owes you one!


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  3. A good outcome for us all would be if Dr Scot Jnr were to enter the www as a solitary blogger. He has been saying wise things for some years now, in his own style.

    The world would benefit from hearing what he has to say.

    And he’ll be safe. There is a wind of change. His future will be OK.

  4. Yes, he will be fine. I wouldn’t worry WD. Publicity is a good weapon of mass protection.

    Yes, he ought to blog – his instinct will be to return back to work and keep his head down. Thats what all doctors do.


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