Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 17, 2008

The end of the beginning

So, the short saga of Dr Scot Jr has ended. He is now back at work and his career is probably as secure as it can be.

However, there is a butterfly fluttering around. Dr Grumble is feeling guilty about not pressing a button. Perhaps he was never meant to press that button. Perhaps the sequence of events that followed, will turn out to be historically significant for UK medicine.

As with MTAS/MMC the internet has again been used in various ways to quickly inform others, test opinion, reach a conclusion and result in action in a way that would not have been possible before. Because of Dr Scot Junior’s indiscriminate use of language over an important issue, things will never be the same again.

Already questions are being asked about the GMC’s activities in scouring private forums. How many doctors have been reported to the GMC by its own members lurking on DNUK forums? Who are the lurkers? What type of prose or content warrants reporting or suspension? What happened to the doctors involved?

The consituents of “The Wise Crowd” are now looking over their shoulders for lurkers. They will soon be focusing on every doctor who is suspended. No longer will there be an assumption that “there is no smoke without fire.” There will be questions, questions, questions. Uncomfortable questions. Those doctors who hold hands with the government of the day will feel much less secure than before. They will become much more vulnerable and accountable.

From now on, “The Wise Crowd” will always be watching, waiting, growing in strength and wisdom.

And when “The Wise Crowd” fully grasps this new responsibility, they will realise that the future of UK medicine truly lies in their hands.

N.B. Sorry about that! All witches become philosophical during the witching hour!

And now The Oldest Sage Witch is going to take a break from blogging for two weeks to sweep up the hovel and work on some very powerful spells in preparation for The Witch Doctor’s return on Halloween.

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