Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 20, 2008

The New Health Marketplace

The Oldest Sage which is old enough to believe that being a doctor is about taking a case history, examining a patient, making a differential diagnosis, organising appropriate investigations, making a firm diagnosis, then if necessary arranging appropriate treatment.

And being responsible for all these stages.

However, The Oldest Sage Witch also embraces new technology and recognises the face of medicine will change dramatically very soon.

The questions are how to embrace change but not throw out the baby with the bathwater during innovation, and how to avoid profit being the driving force behind care.

This website has just appeared before me as if by magic.


I’m off………

See you in October.


  1. It takes 72 days to see a dermatologist in Boston. I am actually surprised that American patients have to wait that long but assuming this figure is correct how is this web site going to help. If you have to wait 72 days the reason is presumably that there are not enough dermatologists. Consulting them online is probably not going to save them much time. It might even waste time. It has potential to save the patient’s time but that doesn’t seem to be the limiting factor in the example he uses.

    The other interesting thing about all of this is that human beings still seem to like to meet face to face. Our managers spend lots of time travelling from site to site to attend meetings. So does Dr Grumble. Yet it should be quite easy to set up conference calls and save enormous amounts of time. Our MDT meetings are now multisite using a video link but the managers still travel about. Are they just backward? Or is there an important human purpose to actually meeting?

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