Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 7, 2008

Call Lord Darzi, not NHS direct?

London’s out of hours health care seems to be changing.

Severe abdominal pain while at dinner with friends. Two doctors arrive. They are worried, so the obvious thing to do is to call Lord Darzi to see the patient.

Lord Darzi arrives.

It seems to be some kind of domiciliary visit.

Lord Darzi then takes on the paramedic role and drives the patient to hospital.

The time?


Yes 3.0am

Lord Darzi presumably was on call.

Did the patient call NHS Direct in the first instance?

Was Lord Darzi moonlighting as an on call doctor for NHS Direct?

Or was he moonlighting as a paramedic?

Or was this a very special patient?

Or is this the service all the punters living in London will now receive?


  1. […] London, just a quick phone call to Lord Darzi in the middle of the night will bring him speeding to your house for a domiciliary […]

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