Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 7, 2008

Divide and rule

Divide and rule, divide and rule.


What a clever government!!

The collective medical psyche is like an open book!

Manipulate it how you will!


“GPs are dominating the tender process for Lord Darzi’s polyclinics and new practices, Pulse can reveal.

But an emerging breed of entrepreneurial GP has sparked a row in the profession, with some bidding for services up to 150 miles from their practices.

In six of the eight areas to complete APMS tenders so far – for GP-led health centres or under-doctored area practices – GPs have won or become preferred bidders.

But some GPs have warned that continuity of care will be lost if non-local practices or consortiums start snapping up contracts.

Pulse has also learned the new centres are set to receive up to twice as much funding per patient as existing surgeries, in a move that threatens to cause severe tensions within the profession.”

And there’s always a bribe!

“In data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the PCT revealed that the new GP-led health centre will be paid £121.52 per patient, compared with just £63.24 and £78.63 respectively for GMS and PMS practices.”

Professor Pollock, don’t think for a minute, the GP’s will stick together. For this very reason, they are NOT a formidable force.

The government knows this.

This is not a stupid government.


  1. Quite a premium. So there will be a considerable incentive if you are a GP to become an entrepreneur. That’s how the government will win people over – with lucre.

    Skilled GPs will be progressively turned into businessmen managing healthcare workers.

    Why is all this happening? From the figures it doesn’t even look as if it is going to be any cheaper.

    If one hadn’t already seen so many crazy things going on in our NHS it would be hard to believe.

    Perhaps that’s what has happened to Dr Crippen. He’s been busy turning himself into an entrepreneur. How sad.

  2. One of the witch children has just visited.

    She said “it feels as if the world as we know it is falling apart”

    She was referring to the banks etc, I think.

    Wonder if the GP’s are getting in the door because the government can’t lose face. Are the private companies taking a line from Virgin and are now all backing off in fear of going bust?

    Maybe this is a high risk time for GP entrepreneurs. Maybe GP’s make bad entrepreneurs. Why would a good entrepreneur enter medical school?

    Re Dr Crippen – he vanished last year too.

    Mark you, maybe at times like this everyone needs to have a Plan B.

  3. There are plenty of GPs out there who still have their eye on the filthy lucre. A minority maybe but I know everyone locally could name the 2 or 3 practices locally motivated by cash. They wouldn’t spurn the opportunity to expand their empires.

    Alternatively. could it also be that many of these are GPs motivated to provide a good service and don’t trust the Virgins et al to give it? And it is very likely they do indeed know the local needs best.

    Did Dr Crippen really disappear for this long last year?

  4. But some are 120 miles away apparently.

    In my experience doctors, often the ones who become effectively (rather than effective) civil servants, will find a way to convince themselves that their motives are altruistic – whatever they do. If you can’t beat them join them – but we can do it better than eg Virgin seems like one of these “altruistic” motives. But it usually although not always creeps into something less savoury.

    Yes Dr Crippen did vanish last year. Indeed he was reported that he died in an RTA by some horrible troll. Consequently, some of us even wrote tentative obituaries.

    I wondered if it was true too for a while, but then thought it was more likely he had been locked up in the tower.

  5. Quite agree – there is a certain amount of ‘altruism’ going on, as you say. Sometimes it will be within between partnerships, sometimes self-delusional but it will tend to lead down the same road.

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