Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 7, 2008

UK – the land of barbarians


Mr Brown and Mr Salmond, we witches do not like living in A Land of Barbarians.

There are inhuman Barbaric Acts going on within the UK healthcare system.

You are responsible because you have it within your power to stop this Barbarism.


Immediately after this morning’s coffee.

I know the staff in your respective press departments are reading this.

I trust, therefore, you will be warned by them that The Witching Community feel very strongly about this matter and will cling to it with great tenacity until you put an end to The Barbarism. Therefore it would be best if you solved it just after your morning coffee. A couple of phone calls to the right people will do it.

You know that.

The Oldest Sage Witch knows that.

Some time ago The Witch Doctor had a post on the The Barbarism.

This particular Barbarism was solved.

But only after The Noise that was made by the wise citizens of this land.

The inconvenient Noise that gets in the way of inane rules and regulations.


I hope you audited the number of patients who lost the sight of one eye while the obvious decision was made to end this particular Barbarism.

A decision so obvious that it could have been made in two minutes by a monkey sitting on a stone having the lower primate equivalent of a coffee-break.

However, The Barbarism continues unabated.

You will both know what I’m referring to.


  1. Oh, well done WD! You’ve nailed it in one: barbaric is indeed the way some/many NHS staff members behave. And this barbarism is sanctioned from the very top. It has to be.

    A new campaign. This time an overarching one. Will wear your ribbon with pride and good old British fighting spirit!


  2. Yes Deb, lets see how this one goes!

  3. WD

    Outline the aims and will run it on the main blog and even the website. Also, suggest all other medical bloggers run it.

    Hope all is well with you. All slowed down following Scot Jnr – suppose we are all shattered.

    Great idea for the campaign


  4. RP

    To back up the Sunday Times campaign on top-up drugs ie the right to pay privately for life prolonging drugs without having NHS treatment withdrawn. Report due this month.

    To completely separate the concepts of compassion and every patient’s unique circumstances from the arguments used against the campaign ie that of rationing and political ideology.

    To highlight the waste of public money on discussion, working groups and reports on something that should be so deeply rooted in medical care that no discussion should be necessary.

    To wrap the knuckles of doctors who won’t confront this issue by saying firmly to the government – “No, I will do what is best for my patient regardless of your ideology”

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