Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 9, 2008

Risks to blogging doctors

Dr Wes Has recently been asking himself, following a bad experience, whether he should continue to blog. His troubles were a result of an anonymous comment, not something that Dr Wes himself said.

“But blogging, as I’ve found, also exposes one to malicious verbal attacks and subpoenas. As such, it is risky. There is no question that placing one’s online self in the world for all to see adds vulnerability and potential liability. When I told a colleague Friday about my recent predicament he responded, “Why the hell would anyone want to blog?”

Kevin MD today contemplates this.

One aspect he mentions is whether a doctor should blog anonymously or not. He firmly believes NOT.

“Should one blog anonymously or non-anonymously?

I do not support anonymous blogging. It adds credibility and conviction when your real name stands behind your blog posts.

There are legitimate patient privacy concerns, which are constantly harped on by the media. I don’t recommend blogging about patients until the controversy has been resolved.

I also would add a prominent legal disclaimer to any physician blog.”

We witches have given a great deal of thought to whether doctors should remain anonymous when blogging, and we are all of the same opinion. It is much less hassle to blog anonymously. Hassle costs time. Time is a rare commodity for the practicing doctor. Time should not be wasted on unnecessary hassle. Also, some older witches consider that revealing their medical identity is a form of advertising and contrary to The Oath they took many, many years ago.

The Oath is deep-rooted in the older witches psyche.

Younger witches may see The Oath differently.

But we witches never discuss our patients. Never ever.

We think that it would be unwise.


  1. I read the Dr Wes and Kevin MD blogs after I made the decision to de-anonymise. I agree about discussing patients – even when done rather elliptically, I just think it would be too easy to fall foul of the GMC.
    I also think everyone should have the right to choose to stay anonymous and I hope that continues. The blogosphere would be a dull and tepid place if some blogs were lost.

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