Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 10, 2008

Hallucinating about freedom

The memory of the Dr Scot Junior episode is fading fast.

It is fading so much that when it at last gets a mention in the BMJ (not the REAL BMJ but the careers section) no-one even adds a comment.

Wait a minute…..

Dr Rant says there was a comment (or in BMJ jargon a rapid response)

It’s not there now.

Did any one else see a comment?

Did anyone submit a comment?

Did Dr Rant hallucinate?

Is he hearing voices too?

Or did he capture A Moment of Truth?

A brief moment when Freedom of Speech was allowed?

Before THEY stifled it?

Keep an eye here.

You might catch an ethereal hallucination too…………..


  1. […] A few days ago Dr Rant reported he could see some evanescent things the BMJ that no-ene else could see. […]


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