Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 10, 2008

IWantGreatCare – GMC about-turn

When appeared on the scene, there was a suspicion that the GMC may have been behind it in some way.

Not so, they say.

Dr Rita Pal, in her own inimitable style has tackled the matter head on with the GMC.

The question that remains unanswered is:

When the GMC surfs, as surf they will, what will they do when they find a doctor who has:

(a) A “Trust Score” of less than 75%?
(b) A “Trust Score” of less that 50%?
(c) A “Trust Score” of less than 25%?
(d) A “Trust Score” of 0%?

Where in the “Trust Score” might you find another Shipman?

What, Great Uncle GMC are you going to do about a low “Trust Score?”

Will you just ignore it because you know Harold Shipman would have scored 100%?

Will you risk ignoring a low “Trust Score”

Will you just keep you fingers crossed that a low trust score indicates a crazy patient rather than a murderous doctor?

Dr Neil Bacon, you have created a very serious quandary for Great Uncle GMC.

He will not be a happy uncle now he has thought things through.

The “Trust Button” is a pernicious button. It may turn out to be a “SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON” but not necessarily for the doctor concerned.

But for you Dr Bacon.

And you Great Uncle GMC.

The word “Trust” has a profound meaning. You should not tamper with it.

Great Uncle GMC, now that he has woken up from his nap may deny all association with But he is jittery. He knows he may be hung, drawn and quartered if he ignores a low “Trust Score” that turns out to be accurate.

Dr Bacon, The Oldest Sage Witch warned you about this.

Late in the day, members of the GMC are distancing themselves from you.

But can they?

What a mess!

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