Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 14, 2008

Hey! Are you hallucinating too?

A few days ago Dr Rant reported he could see some evanescent things the BMJ that no-ene else could see.

We witches were very concerned about him.

Now we wonder if others have caught the affliction.

Please check that you are well and in good shape.

Check here.

If you can find any rapid responses, it is possible you are hallucinating too!

If perchance you find SEVEN rapid responses, then you are not hallucinating.

You are witnessing the magic of a spell.

Because SEVEN is the witching number.

Take care, and get a good nights sleep.


  1. Suspect it is due to our rantings about suppression of free speech by the crappy BMJ. Collectively all of us have whinged.

    Fiona is no doubt getting a bit prickly. Ms Goody Twoshoes is really out of her depth. Time she was fired and time she was married to some man who can take care of her.

    Surprised the GMC never got hold of Fiona for her large mistake over publication of copyright material RE Raj Persaud. So much for editorial standards eh.

    I might write about her role in removing Peter Wilmshurst’s material off the BMJ. Wilmshurst is of course a whistleblower.


  2. […] Posted in BMA, Blogosphere, Creep, Freedom, Freedom of speech, NHS | Tags: Dr Scot Junior, Freedom of speech, Liberty « Hey! Are you hallucinating too? […]

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