Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 15, 2008

You’d better watch out, there are Baby Boomers about!

Notice how Polyclinics were transfigured into Health Centres.

Notice how Health Centres are now being transfigured into GP-Led Health Centres.


Spin intended to confuse!

But nothing changes.

No, that’s not true…….

As a consequence of the Tsunami caused by the collapse of the sub-prime market due to the reckless, gambling leaders of the money custodians, the GP’s might need to be wooed after all, as the multinationals have their financial wings clipped. Maybe the UK Health Market no longer seems profitable. Maybe health will now be seen as too precarious a commodity to invest in. Maybe the clients will dwindle. Maybe only patients will increase.

The Baby Boomers who year on year will become the chronic sick.

The Baby Boomer Patients who will be more informed and more demanding than the chronic sick of previous generations.


Just because they are The Baby Boomers.

No one will talk down to The Baby Boomers.

If The Baby Boomers say that Continuity of Care is more important than Access, then that is the way it will be.

The Baby Boomers of today will become “Elderly Rebels” of tomorrow.

Just wait and see!

PS If you don’t believe me just read Angus Dei. I’ll bet he’s A Baby Boomer!

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