Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 16, 2008

Dr Neil Bacon wants real time feedback from every patient

The Healthcare Commissions Report – Annual Health Check for 2007-2008 is now published.

Details here.

Now that some of those in the GMC seem to have distanced themselves from, Dr Neil Bacon seems to be focusing his attention on:

(1) how he can help Lord Darzi.

By shaming and naming doctors of course!

(2) how he can get someone (anyone) to click on his website

“Dr. Neil Bacon, founder of patient-centred website said:

“These results show that only by directly collecting patient experience can the NHS get the true picture of what is happening in healthcare today.

Asking doctors how good the are will never give an accurate picture of what it is like to be an NHS patient. However the next step has to be to make the full results public and transparent so patients can see where the best care is provided, to highlight those that deliver great care and shame those who continue to let their patients down.

The only way that PCTs will be able to get to the truth is by continuously and in real time collecting feedback from every patient using their services – this is vital if we’re to achieve the patient-centric transformation that the Darzi Review calls for.”

Note The Blue Bottle Spells:

“collecting patient experience”

“patient-centric transformation”

What fun we witches have with our little blue bottles.

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