Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 20, 2008

A GP says “No!”

What if the burst economic bubble means that private sector health care companies going to turn their heads away from polyclinics – sorry GP led Health Centres?

What if the government is feeling sheepish!

It looks as if it might be happening.

“But Mr Johnson vehemently denied the new centres would threaten existing GP services, telling last week’s NHS Alliance conference the tender shortlists were being dominated by GPs.

He told delegates: ‘As for the allegation that this will herald the privatisation of the NHS, let me tell you that at the current stage over half of those being shortlisted for the contracts are GP practices and GP consortiums, as we expected.

The health secretary’s enthusiasm for GP-led bids completes a U-turn over the role of the private sector in the rollout”

A GP has said “no” by resigning from the PCT over the issue of a polyclinic in his area.

“Pulse revealed in June that Herefordshire PCT had shelved its polyclinic tender after a local needs analysis revealed it would cost an estimated £1.1m in staff expenses alone, and that patients were already happy with GP access.

But despite concluding the centre was ‘neither affordable nor value for money’, the PCT backed down under huge pressure from the Department of Health.

Dr Black, who practises in Leominster, said he had felt compelled to resign because local practices would now threatened with closure. ‘World Class Commissioning talks about local assessment of local need. Yet here we are, six months down the line with a clinic that we don’t need,’ he said.

‘I blame the DH for spinning a lie about not imposing – and I blame the PCT for rolling over.’

The government is tense.

Businesses feel fragile.

The voters will be cutting their cloth to fit their bank balance.

Patients and their doctors can now decide what is best for them in their own area.

If polyclinics are now the remnant of A Big Idea to siphon patients taxes into The New Health Care as a Commodity Business, it is now much easier to stop them than it was a few months ago.

Just say no.

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