Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 21, 2008

Barbaric acts within the NHS

“We find the time to listen and talk when it is needed, make the effort to understand, and get on and do the small things that mean so much—not because we are asked to but because we care.” NHS DRAFT CONSTITUTION


Here are four issues this Listening, Caring, Understanding Government of ours can think about:

1. Compassion

2. Postcode lottery in health care

3. Rationing

4. Political “ideology.”

When a patient with a terminal illness wants to purchase medication that may prolong life, even if only for a few months, it is patient choice.

If the drug is not available on the NHS because a) it is considered to be ineffective or b) it is being rationed, then it is still patient choice.

It is sad that a patient may choose to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a drug that may not work at all.

It is sad that a patient may choose to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a drug that WILL prolong life, but is rationed.

It sad that a patient may choose to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a RATIONED drug RECOMMENDED by an NHS consultant because it is effective.

It is sad if a patient falls foul of the postcode lottery in Health care.

All of this needs to be addressed.

However, it is NOT SAD if a patient chooses to spend tens of thousands of pounds on such a drug and then spends the same or more again on NHS care, because he/she had the audicaity to hope that his/her life may be prolonged.

That is not sad.

It is an atrocity.

A BARBARIC ATROCITY perpetuated by the government and condoned by the leaders of the government.

And by some complicit doctors.

It is a BARBARIC ATROCITY that should be stopped forthwith – without any committees, working groups or discussion of any kind.


By any civilised standards.

It is totally unrelated to post code lottery, rationing or political ideology.

There should be no working group, no committee involved in this matter.

Indeed no one at all should be involved in this matter.

It should just not be happening.

This, Authors of The Draft NHS Constitution, is what COMPASSION is about.

Compassion is NOT a talking shop.

Real compassion is measured in terms of tangible actions, not “niceness.”

Furthermore, just like Dr Iona Heath, we witches feel you, Authors of the Draft NHS Constitution, are wallowing in hypocrisy.

It makes us all want to vomit!

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