Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 21, 2008

Iwantgreatcare – Dr Bacon is not alone

Apparently there are THREE medics behind iwantgreatcare.

Dr Neil Bacon – the site is his “brainchild” although there may be an eBay influence (see later).

However, it is now revealed that Dr Shai Roy is also behind it. Indeed, ” he is giving presentations to GP’s across the country to allay these concerns.

Who is the third entrepreneur doctor?

Is it The Pyjama-Man?



Who knows…….

Apparently Dr Roy is running a campaign to celebrate great care in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Eh? Warwickshire?

Warwickshire has a familiar ring somehow!

Anyway, Dr Roy wants to start a revolution. Here is what he thinks.

“”We need local communities to add their doctors, hospitals and PCTs. We want to help local Primary Care Trusts undertake a complete revolution of heath information.”

You need to consult it before you have a stroke or get pregnant.

“”It’s a service that is needed. If you wish to find out about stroke rehabilitation or pregnancy services in your area you can read how other patients have rated them.”

eBay has a lot to answer for.

“”You can’t help but admire eBay and wouldn’t buy from a bidder without checking their profile.”

And what about this? Is this a new-fangled bit to tempt us?

“They are then asked to rate the environment on cleanliness, efficiency and how caring it is.”

Hey, the wild young witches swooshing around Oxford, never told me about that bit.

Can an environment be caring?

N.B. Jobbing Doctor has picked up on this too. He wonders if there is a terminal twitching phenomenon going on.


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