Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 24, 2008

The Ferret is Back!


The Ferret Fancier has never been away, really.

However his daily wise words have been missed as his blogging became less frequent.

Indeed we witches were worried for a while that, The Thought Police were making unsavoury advances to The Ferret and we were all poised ready to pounce if necessary.

Pouncing was not necessary at all, of course. The Ferret has just been working extra hard for the NHS. It is sometimes difficult to fit blogging into the busy schedule. Even we witches come a cropper with this at times in spite of having the extra resource of many potions and spells to help with the problem.

Never mind, The Ferret has come back with a vengeance this week.


He has found an interesting document about the culture of bribing incentivising doctors so that they become obedient government servants. He wonders if it might now mysteriously disappear from the WWW. It won’t of course, Ferret, there will be a witch somewhere furling it at this very moment no doubt.

Mark you, The Ferret asks a funny question. He wants to know whether anyone with a medical degree has been involved in coming up with these ideas.

“These PCT schemes are an utter disgrace. They demonstrate that the health service is being run by bean counters who have no understanding of the role and responsibility of being a doctor. Any doctor taking part in these schemes should be ashamed and could well be in grave trouble with the GMC, interestingly I wonder whether anyone with a medical degree has been involved in coming up with these ideas at the DoH or in the SHAs?

You asked the question Ferret.

We witches can give you an answer.

Loud and clear.

As with every other questionable initiative within the NHS, there WILL be people with a medical degree obediently and happily ratifying each step of the way.

Of that you can be absolutely sure.

That is why we witches are more tolerant of non-medical managers than some.

We always point the fingers at the medical professionals – the obedient minority who have become too close to the government of the day. The minority who call themselves leaders but in essence, have a need to be led.

One day, the grass roots doctors who are keeping the show on the road will waken up to what is happening round about them.

New leaders who first and foremost are beholden to their patients will emerge.

When that happens medicine will, once more, become a profession.

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