Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 27, 2008

Iwantgreatcare – is Darzi saying no?

ZAGAT is well known in the USA. It is an international restaurant rating company utilising customer feedback. Recently ZAGAT has spread it’s wings into healthcare. It has joined forces with a medical insurance company WELLPOINT and together they have introduced a rating system for individual doctors.

When Iwantgreatcare was introduced many wondered if there was a link with either the GMC, the NHS or both. The GMC have since denied a link. It may be that Lord Darzi is now denying a link on behalf of the government. This is what he says:

“Lord Darzi said: “We will have a Zagat-style guide here. We plan to do that as part of the NHS, providing a guide to hospitals and GP practices. In my hospital [St Mary’s in London] there could be a Zagat rating for the colorectal service, in which I work.”

The UK guide would differ from the US Zagat version because ratings would not be provided for individual doctors, but only for the services of which they were a part. “We are not going to rate individual doctors – high quality medicine is a team effort now. Modern medicine is not about individuals any more. It is no longer Professor Darzi and three others [surgeons]. It is a team thing – we follow the same protocols. There will be a Zagat-style guide but not to individuals – that is irrelevant,” he said.”

Ah, the team!

For a fleeting moment, it crossed my mind that the “noise” of the blogosphere (a term used by government over MMC/MTAS) in their criticism of Iwantgreatcare is resulting in dwindling enthusiasm for it in the higher echelons of government and the doctors’ regulatory body in the UK.

Just an aberrant, fleeting thought.

They will deny this though, so we will never know.

It could CREEP of course, and no-one would notice.


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