Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 27, 2008

The treacherous telephone consultation (2)

We witches believe we are ahead of our time regarding our enthusiasm for Tele-medicine. .

Paradoxically, we are overtly critical of some of the ways it is currently being used within the UK.

In our view, the NHS, by encouraging tele-consultations between unqualified staff and an unknown patient is simply playing with fire.

We witches would never approve of the use of telephone consultations in an emergency or out of hours situation except in very unusual circumstances.

It would never be “the norm.”

Indeed, we feel that a large number of patients who are forced into using this method in order to obtain help in an emergency, will have far more insight into their own medical state than a nurse on a telephone relying on a computer screen algorithm.

These nurses do not have diagnostic skills.

Many probably don’t even know that they don’t have diagnostic skills.

Some may believe The Algorithm bestows diagnostic skills upon them.

They are relying on an Algorithm Constructing Committee who do not know the patient and who have long since gone “off duty”

They are relying on a distressed patient or relative giving the correct answer to each step of The Algorithm.

In the early days of this blog, The Witch Doctor considered this to be gambling.

The gambler is not the nurse at the end of the telephone. Nor is it the patient.

The collective gambler is the “off duty” Algorithm Constructing Committee.

And who are they?

As always, they are important creeping members of the medical profession who genuinely believe they are “doing good.”

Mostly they will have been well trained many years before about the importance of seeing a patient, taking a case history and examining them.

These “good doctors” are quite unaware of The Creep that has befallen them.

It is possible too, that in the fullness of time, they will be rewarded financially for this “Creep.”

Indirectly of course. For committee service over and above the call of duty.

Below are some of The Witch Doctor’s views.

All of the witches agree with her.



Another Blogger is expressing views that seem to be rather similar to ours. He also focuses on the costs associated with NHS Direct.


We witches have long suspected he is A Wizard.

This proves it.

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