Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 29, 2008

Dr Neil Bacon – Devine, deviner or neither

In the reference to the BBC mentioned here earlier today, those of you who bothered to click will have noticed that Dr Neil Bacon was invited to put in his tuppence-worth.

He now seems to be set up as some kind of god-like authority on “The Patient Experience.” This is quite a remarkable elevation considering the nature of his new website and the audit results we are receiving from the Young Agile Witches who fly around Oxford and Cambridge on their weekend gallivant.

The BBC may think Dr Bacon is A Devine Authority, but we witches don’t.

“Founder Dr Neil Bacon says patients, as experienced consumers, are happy to sift through data before making their choice.

“We’ve got to remember we’re talking about people who’ve grown up now making decisions and reading reviews from other users, reading ratings when they buy a washing machine, booking a holiday. And yet we ask them to take their child to hospital or put their life in the hands of someone without seeing the comments from other people.”

As a reminder:

If a patient looked at to find a cardiologist in Oxford or Cambridge they would not find one.

Nor would they find an obstetrician.

Nor would they find a pathologist.

Nor would they find a respiratory physician.

All common stuff.

They wouldn’t find many rarer specialties either.

They may on the other hand find the names of some doctors who have died or retired from practice.

They may find the names of doctors whose names and hospital appeared on this site without their consent.

Therefore we witches have concluded that Dr Neil Bacon is not devine, nor a “Deviner of the Patient Experience.” Indeed we are doubtful if he has any significant experience in this matter at all.

Initially Dr Bacon appeared to be supported by the GMC. Indeed he indicated this site may be useful for revalidation purposes.

However more recently there have been a string of e-mails originating from the GMC apparently denying this support and as a consequence Dr Bacon had to remove some information from Iwantgreatcare.

The e-mail conversation can be read here:


Untested eh? Many things that are going on just now within the NHS are “untested.” Are we now going to see the GMC backing off all the untested schemes that are rife within the NHS just now?

Anyway, here is the bit that is making witches chuckle all over the country:

“However, I get the sense that the “HYPE” surrounding this website is starting to quiet down”

We witches never quieten down. The Cauldron just simmers on but it always boils up again.

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