Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 29, 2008

NICE is creeping into bribery

Aide Memoires are excellent things.

They help the brain keep on the right track.

We witches couldn’t do without them.

When NICE first appeared on the scene The Witching Community felt it made an important contribution to health care – a useful Aide Memoire for the medical profession that could be used when they consulted with an individual patient. Often, where appropriate to that patient’s condition and situation, the Aide Memoire would be followed. However, since patients are not cloned, the Aide Memoire would sometimes not be suitable and some or all of it would be disregarded.

The wiser witches realised it would creep.

They said NICE was not producing an Aide Memoire at all.

They said NICE was producing Guidelines.

They said Guidelines, although not compulsory, would mean that if an individual doctor’s decision turned out to be wrong, and NICE guidelines had not been followed, that doctor would find it very difficult to justify his/her actions in a court of law.

The wiser witches noticed that cost was taken into account by NICE.

They felt this was a sensible thing to do particularly where a treatment was of limited usefulness.

But then they wondered whether NICE would become stingy with its recommendations for expensive yet effective treatments.

The wiser witches felt this would be very wrong at a time the government was lacking in judgment by spending millions/billions of taxpayers money ear-marked for healthcare on unproven exercises.

The Creep is now blatant.

“GPs could be made to follow NICE guidance or risk losing income under the quality framework.

Speaking exclusively to GP, Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, chairman of NICE, said the institute had decided to become involved in the development of the quality framework in an attempt to get more GPs to follow its guidance.

‘What we want is to ensure that our guidance is taken up and used appropriately. The quality framework is one route into implementing the guidance.’

The government wants to bribe GPs to follow NICE guidelines.

Just as they wanted to bribe GP’s to limit the number of patients they send to hospital? (did they are didn’t they??? – The Ferret smells something fishy)

They call it incentivise though.

It’s not a bribe??!!!

So that’s OK then……..

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