Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 31, 2008

Still slaving over a hot cauldron!

Never am I going to be able to get everything ready for the All Hallow’s Even’ festivities tonight!

I need to cook a huge cauldron of another kind of pumpkin soup and then an enormous pumpkin and apple pie.

Don’t expect me to be worrying about the NHS today!

Here are some recipes, but don’t blame me if they don’t work. You probably don’t have the necessary equipment – an open fire, The Cauldron and The Book of Spells.

And if you can’t convert to the new fangled measures then too bad. Don’t expect me to do it for you. We witches ignore them. Anyway, I’m far too busy!

CHUNKY PUMPKIN SOUP (Potage au Potiron)


2lbs pumpkin
2 onions
2 or 3 leeks
2 carrots
5 or 6 potatoes
2oz dripping or bacon fat
2 quarts of warm water


As this soup is not sieved, the vegetables must be prepared carefully.

Peel the pumpkin, remove all seeds and stringy parts from the centre, weigh it and cut it into neat cubes.

Peel and slice the onions, wash and scrape the carrots, and cut them in thin rounds, wash the leeks and cut them in small pieces.

Now melt the fat in saucepan and when hot put in the onions and brown them slightly.

Next add the carrots and leeks and cook them a few minutes without letting them brown.

Add the pumpkin, season with salt and pepper and cover with warm water.

Put the lid on the pan and slowly cook for at least one hour.

Then add the potatoes, peeled and cut in rough pieces.

Cook a half hour longer and serve very hot.

Quantity – 3 pints.

SMOOTH PUMPKIN SOUP (Soupe au Potiron)


One and a half pounds of ripe juicy pumpkin
One and a half pints of water or light stock
2 ounces of butter or good dripping
half a pint of milk
A pinch of sugar
Seasoning to taste
Croutons of fried bread


Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, and then weigh it.

Cut it in thin slices, put it in a suacepan with the butter and a littlw water and cook till reduced to a pulp.

Rub this through a fine sieve and return to the saucepan to reheat, thining it down to the required consistency with more water and the half pint of milk.

Season to taste and pour over fried croutons and bread in the soup tureen.

a swirl of cream may be added.

Quantity – 2 pints.


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