Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 11, 2008

Never be without a touchpoint



Blue Bottle Spells used to be great fun – an occasional diversion for witches. However, The Human Kind have now evolved in such a away that they are becoming increasingly susceptible to them. They have become so easy to do that it is no longer challenge for witches. Indeed, Blue Bottle Spells seem to be changing the brains and language of The Human Kind.

“Rich data

This rich information is used to pinpoint parts of the care pathway known as touchpoints – where the users’ experience is most powerfully shaped. Carers and frontline staff then review touchpoints to highlight where systems and processes need to be redesigned to create a better patient experience.”



And of course, as ever, there is A Toolkit.

Not The Witch Doctors basic toolkit of yester-year – stethoscope, tendon hammer, torch, tuning fork, and on a good day, an ophthalmoscope.

Oh no!

This Toolkit seems to be about making sure the tea-lady in the ward tells the patients they are looking better than they were last week.

That gives the patient A Really Good Experience.

1. Capture the experience
2. Understand the experience
3. Improve the experience
4. Measure the experience.

Never would we witches have believed as medical students or junior doctors that, way down the line of a medical career, we would be reduced to reading all this guff and be expected to take it seriously.

Never would we have believed that all our Blue Bottle Spells would spread like wildfire.

Every thought, every action, every moment becomes a competency that needs A Toolkit of courses and meetings and stakeholder events and discovery interviews and mapped heathcare processes and bonding and away days and little tick boxes.

And then, a new abbreviation is introduced.

Abbreviations give authority, because the workers at the coalface don’t have a clue what they mean.



There is now A Madness penetrating heath care.

An expensive Madness.

It is always interesting to look for someone who is financially better off because of The Madness.

Isn’t it, My Black Cat.

The NHS Partners that are often hidden deep inside The Toolboxes.

Clutching The Toolkits.

Which they use to control.

And to profit.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. I find it frightening the amount of money that is being spent on NHS managers and external consultancies to try to find ways to improve the patients’ experience of the NHS. I think that all any patient wants is good medical and nursing care, clean hospitals so that they don’t get a hospital-acquired infection, and treatment in a timely fashion. If we stopped wasting money on these multiple levels of management and their management strategies, maybe we could get a health service that would satisfy both the patients and the medical and nursing staff that work in it. It will always be impossible for any organisation to score 100% from all users because of the different nature of those people. It really does come down to the old adage ‘you can please some of the people all the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time’.

  2. Yes indeed. It seems to me the expenditure now needs to be documented in a way that the information can easily be found by both patients and staff.

    There are now so many simultaneous “intitiatives”, that it could be interpreted that a confusional state was being induced in order that the real plot progresses un-noticed. But that would be a conspiracy and most doctors think the problems with the NHS are due to poor judgment and incompetence.

    The most frightening aspect is that no one seems able to stop what is happening.

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