Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 26, 2008

The Pill – a smokescreen


What is going on here is Creep.

Unadulterated Creep.

And like all Creep, it progresses relentlessly unnoticed by most of The Humankind and, in particular, by The Medical Profession.

You could argue till you are blue in the face about the pros and cons of the over-the-counter availablility of the oral contraceptive. Couldn’t you, My Black Cat?

Although we witches have very firm views on the matter, we have no intention of expressing them here, because it leads down a track that we do not want to follow since it is irrelevant to the points we are trying to make in this blog.

This blog is about “Creep.”

Of course, like over-the-counter antibiotics, the pill will not be truly available over-the-counter.

No, The pill will not be as easily available as paracetamol.



“She added: “Any woman who receives contraception from a pharmacy without a prescription can still expect a full consultation with a health professional such as pharmacist or a nurse.”

What the devil do they mean by a “full consultation” My Black Cat?

“Pharmacists will offer the pill under an arrangement called a patient group direction – a kind of mass prescription where a doctor authorises other health professionals to supply a product to a certain group of patients.”

As always, members of the medical profession are driving the “dumbing down”

They drive it, then they moan about it.

Ah, there is “A Patient Group Direction” and a “Kind of Mass Prescription” at work.

So, that makes it all right then……..

My Black Cat, do these witless punters not realise that these are Blue Bottle Spells?

Enter Lord Darzi:

“Health minister Lord Darzi insisted last year that “robust” standards would be put in place to ensure staff were up to the job.”

“Robust standards” my foot!

Lord Darzi is saying what Lord Darzi has to say in order to comply with his role as HMG’s chosen one.

Does Lord Darzi have plans for monitoring Continuing Professional Development, Appraisal and Revalidation of all these pharmacists and nurses up and down the land who will be doing these “full patient consultations?”

And has all this “robustness” been costed?

It will come to a considerable sum.

Would the voters want their taxes spent in this way?

Or do the “Protocol Followers” have some immunity from Continuing Professional Development, Appraisal and Revalidation?

Do those clutching a fistful of “Competencies” have some immunity from Continuing Professional Development, Appraisal and Revalidation?

Tell us Lord Darzi, please do.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. Dr Sarah Jarvis made some good points about this latest initiative on Radio 4’s Today programme.

  2. It will be interesting to see if and how the argument Dr Jarvis uses is taken up by the government. Will it lead to more competency based training for pharmacists in advising about alternatives?

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