Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 31, 2008

Happy New Year? Don’t be silly!


We witches spend a lot of our time flying around on our broomsticks, and so we are more savvy than most of the dangers of not having two feet firmly on the ground.

Even ballerinas have to put two feet down from time to time before they leap into the air again.



We witches were rather intrigued yesterday regarding Mr Ben Bradshaw’s attitude towards “The Patient Experience”

“Ministers are planning to force GPs to improve their performance by posting patients’ comments about them on an NHS website, the Guardian can reveal.

Ben Bradshaw, the health minister, wants to make it easy for patients in England to rate their family doctor’s competence and bedside manner on bulletin boards on the NHS Choices website. Officials have been told to have the appropriate software ready next year.”

The bold italics are mine.

Notice the words used by The Guardian.


“have been told”

Control freakery.

You need your feet firmly on the ground, Mr Bradshaw.

You are going to come a cropper.


Because while you are wittering on about “The Family Doctor’s bedside manner” and “A Good Patient Experience,” ill people are dying because of a health service which is lacking in the most fundamental of health care i.e. getting an extremely ill patient into a hospital bed, and assessed and treated by an experienced clinician in a timely manner.

Until you can achieve that within the NHS, Mr Bradshaw, then keep your mouth firmly shut on matters that are fundamentally designed to siphon off public money into private companies whose role is to crunch numbers and spit them out like meaningless vomit in order to help support private industry in an ailing economy.

First things first.

Start with the fundamentals.

The taxpaying public are not stupid, Mr Bradshaw.

Please tell them exactly how much your “Good Patient Experience” mumbo jumbo will cost, which companies will benefit, and how much the executives of said companies will receive as Christmas bonuses next year.

Oh, pardon me! That information will be confidential, won’t it?

Of course.

The punters don’t have a right to know how their money is being spent.

You are just keeping your fingers crossed while you leap up in the air, that Simple Joe Public will think his National Insurance and Income Tax earmarked for the NHS are being spent on patient care.

Aren’t you, Mr Bradshaw?

Just the same as the Chancellor of the Exchequer kept his fingers crossed that Simple Joe Public wouldn’t notice when the banks played Bingo in The Big Global Bingo Hall.

Eh, Mr Brown?

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